She found that he was always a good man

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    He met her at a friend's party. She was born beautiful, generous and charming. She was particularly conspicuous. And he is simple, always obscurity and not noticing. At the end of the party, She agreed, but she wondered out. He was too nervous to speak. She felt very uncomfortable. She thought, "Let me go home early." Suddenly, he asked the waiter, "Would you like me bring some salt? My coffee needs a little salt." Everybody stared at him - so strange! His face turned red, but he’s put on the coffee table. He replied, “He replied,”by the sea. I liked playing in the sea. I love you personalized necklacethis salty coffee. I love you, my hometown, I miss you hometown. His eyes were full of tears. She was deeply moved. It is a man who can be a family man. It is a love story. She found that he was always a good man. He is kind, warm and careful. He is such a person. Thanks to his salty coffee! Their stories are like every beautiful love story. The princess is married together. Every time she made coffee for him, he used to put her salt in it. 40 years later. I’ve told you a salty coffee. I was so nervous. Actually, I want some sugar, but I say salt. So that's alwaysname necklace the case. "" I of Because costume jewelry Promised you I of Would not lie about anything. "" Now I'm going to die. I'm not afraid of anything. I of'm going for So to tell's you the truth: I of do not like salty coffee. It was always weird, but I had it! "" Ever since I met you, I have never done anything to regret you. It is your life. If there is an afterlife, I want you to live a lifetime of salty coffee! One day, someone asked her, "